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Vehicles, Robots and Technology for the movie
The Matrix


The Hovership, Nebachanezzer, from the movie The Matrix

Vehicle name:


Craft: Resistance hovercraft
Scale: Hovership
Length: 55 meters.
Skill: Pilot: Hovercraft
Crew: At least 1 commander, 1 pilot, and 1 mechanic. Usually also have an Operator on board.
Crew Skill: Varies.
Passengers: 12
Cargo Capacity: 10 tons.
Consumables: 1-2 months, depending on the activities. Batteries must be recharged at Zion. Can be extended if the ship is restocked with water and raw materials from the surface.
Cost: NA.
Broadcast Chairs: 4 to 8
Speed: 80 mph/400 mph
Body Points: 180
Armor Value: 30
Maneuverability: 2D
Communications: Capable of linking into the Zion communication grid or the Matrix.
Sensors: capable of creating a 3D rendition of objects detected.
Passive: 5km/0D
Scan: 10 km/1D
Search: 25 km/2D
Focus: 1 km/ 3D
Electromagnetic Pulse Wave
Fire Arc: Sends a wave out in all directions.
Crew: 1
Skill: None (automatic)
Fire Control: None
Range: 100 meters
Damage: Causes automatic shutdown of any electrical systems which are not shielded from electromagnetic pulses.
Autocannon Turrets (on combat-grade hoverships)
Number of Turrets: Varies (1-6); 4 on average.
Fire Arc: 360 degrees
Crew: 1 per turret.
Skill: Aircraft Gunnery: 4D
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 100 m / 200 m/ 300 m
Damage: 8Dx5 (Tank Scale).
Ammunition: 1000 rounds per standard load (may be reloaded in 1 round).


Sentinel from the movie The Matrix

Robot name:
The Sentinels
Sentinels are described as "a killing machine designed for one thing... search and destroy" (Trinity and Dozer, The Matrix). Sentinels are also referred to as "squiddies" and "calamari".

Sentinels are highly effective scouts and lethal combatants. A standard unit of the Machines, and resembling a black-painted mechanized nautilus, these fast and deadly machines rarely appear alone and are a serious threat for every hovercraft. Besides the ability to float over the surface, each of their multiple tentacles is each tipped with razor-sharp claws and armed with a variety of sensors, limited maintenance/repair devices, and other equipment. The main weapon however is located on the underside of the body: a powerful laser that is able to cut through the metal hull of any hovercraft.

A Sentinel unit can perform different types of mission like patrolling in small groups, escorting bigger units or seek & destroy. They often search out Rebel ships to swarm them and tear them apart. Once they discover their target, it is almost impossible to escape them. Several Sentinels can tear apart a hovercraft and they are intelligent enough to target communication and weapon systems first. Sentinels are most dangerous when working in squads of three or more. They coordinate their attacks and use their tentacles quite effectively, relying on their laser only to cut through hulls and other obstacles. Rebel ships power down when Sentinels are near so they can use an EMP to attack them if the ship is spotted. Later in the series, Sentinels appear armed with silverfish-like "tow bombs", which they can launch at a ship while staying out of EMP range. It is unknown why Sentinels, and probably most other machine-warriors, do not have EMP-safe circuitry to immunize themselves against such attacks. Yet the knowledge about EMP-safe shields is there, as they were able to defend themselves during the nuclear bombing of Zero-One2.


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